Advanced Placement Program | Phorms Berlin Süd

    Easier access to universities worldwide – the Advanced Placement Program (AP)

    Students in their final two years at our Secondary Schools on both Berlin campuses have the option to prepare for the AP and obtain international certifications in addition to the Abitur.

    The programme gives high-performing students the possibility to test their knowledge and skills at university level. The certificates increase the chances of admission to numerous German and international universities, including the prominent British universities of Cambridge and Oxford, as well as Harvard in the USA. In addition, Secondary School students can already collect important credits towards their college/university degree, which saves them time and money later on. Extensive independent studies have also shown that participation in the Advanced Placement Program leads to a significantly higher graduation rate at universities.

    The Advanced Placement Program was established in 1955. It is organised by the American non-profit organisation ‘College Board’.

    Some of the advantages of the Advanced Placement Program (AP) are:

    • Can be acquired at the same time as the Abitur
    • First experience with university level content and examinations
    • Higher chance of admission to renowned universities
    • Acquisition of first credits
    • Higher self-confidence when applying for admission at German or international universities
    • Additional qualification towards scholarships

    In the 2016/2017 school year, three Phorms students took part in the AP programme and sat exams in English Language and Composition, Spanish, and Biology.