Tuition Fee Regulations | Phorms Berlin Süd

    valid from the school year 2017/18


    In addition to the statutory parent contribution set by the Nursery Voucher (Kita-Gutschein), parents have to pay an extra Phorms fee for our Nursery. With this amount we finance our bilingual concept and the very high standard of our child care. In particular, this includes native English speaking educators and employees (which is in addition to the legally required educator-child ratio), advanced training for bilingual education and targeted activities and preparations for starting Primary School.

    In order to enable as many children as possible to access our educational programmes, Phorms tuition fees are income related. Interested parents can inform themselves about our individual monthly fee with the Phorms Fee Calculator on our website. Parents should enter their annual gross family income from the previous year (2015) as an assessment basis. The gross annual income includes the incomes of both legal guardians. It is not possible to set off income against “negative income” (such as loss on rental income or leases). As proof of income we accept an income tax return – or if this document is not yet available – another suitable proof of income. If parents pay the maximum tuition fee, they do not have to submit any other documents.

    Reference points for the Phorms Nursery tuition fees are:

    The Phorms tuition fee is an annual amount which is split up into twelve installments to be paid monthly, starting August 1st, 2017.

    Tuition calculator

    Please enter your annual gross income in thousands of Euro, without any separators or commas (i.e. 40000):

    Monthly tuition: 0,00


    There is no admissions fee for Nursery and Reception. It will only be charged when a child transfers to the Primary School.


    Siblings receive reduced tuition rates. For the first-born child the full tuition fee is due. The second-born child receives a reduction of 25% and for the third-born child the tuition fee is reduced by 50%. For the fourth-born child and any further siblings we offer a reduction of 75%.


    After 5 years at Phorms parents will receive a loyalty bonus of 10% towards tuition fees starting in their sixth year. The loyalty bonus increases to 20% after 10 years. For students joining our Secondary School in Grade 7 the loyalty bonus comes into effect after having completed four years at Phorms, e.g. starting in Grade 11.


    Our provider, Phorms Berlin gGmbH, receives financial support from the Berlin Senat (child care support). Therefore it is important that our parents apply for a Nursery Voucher (Kita-Gutschein) at their district office (Bezirksamt). In addition to the Phorms tuition fee parents will also need to pay the parent contribution set by the Kita-Gutschein. The amount depends on parents’ income, the required day care (e.g. 5–7, 7–9 or more than 9 hours a day), and the number of children within the family. The assessment of the parent contribution will be done by the local district office (Bezirksamt) according to the “Tagesbetreuungskostenbeteiligungsgesetz” law. If, for example, there is only one child in the family and day care is needed more than 9 hours a day then the fee varies between 25 and 466 Euros. From August of the year in which the child turns three the parent contribution reduces to 0 Euros. The costs for the Nursery Voucher for Brandenburg residents differ from those in Berlin.For further information please see your local Brandenburg district office.

    Due to this arrangement with the Senat, we are only allowed to accept children at our Nursery who are in possession of the Kita-Gutschein. The conditions to obtain a Kita-Gutschein are either that parents and children have their main place of residence in Berlin/Brandenburg, or parents have their main place of work in Berlin/Brandenburg.

    Our Admissions Team can give parents more information on the application of the Kita-Gutschein. You can also download our “Information sheet on Nursery Vouchers (Kita-Gutschein)”.

    Here you can register online for the Kita-Gutschein or download  more information:


    We offer healthy, all-day food including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and drinks and therefore we charge an additional catering fee. The monthly fee is 70 Euros, which already includes the 23 Euros in the cost allocation from the Kita-Gutschein, as well as the additional Phorms lunch fee of 47 Euros. For children with a primary residence in Brandenburg the catering fee is 47 Euros. The charges for the lunch according to the Brandenburg cost allocation again differ from the 23 Euros. For exact details please contact your local Brandenburg district office.

    Please contact our Admissions Team for further information:
    Telefon: +49 (0)30 467 986 315, E-Mail:
    The conditions of the Phorms Berlin gGmbH care contracts apply.


    The tuition fees for the Nursery may be deducted as operating costs up to a maximum amount of 4.000 Euros per child when determining the gross family income if the child lives in the household.

    Phorms Education cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the above information. Parents should discuss all matters directly with their tax consultant.