Congratulations for passing the Abitur! They have done insanely well with an average of 2.1. This is an important milestone in your life and opens many doors for your future career and further education. We wish our alumni all the best for the adventures that are now awaiting. May all your dreams and goals come true!


We are so proud of our graduates for completing the senior school career so successfully despite the adversities of the entire last two and a half years. They have done insanely well with an average of 1.87.

We wish them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing them again here on campus!


This is now the sixth time that the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd has awarded the Abitur certificate to its graduates. 
The average grade of 1.67 speaks for itself. 
Well-deserved relaxation sets in for everyone involved and we congratulate them on this impressive achievement!


CONGRATULATIONS for passing the Abitur!
Suddenly the motto was: "Keep your distance with integrity".
Enjoying the last proper school day after 12 years on the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd and saying goodbye mentally and physically - impossible.
Celebrating the admission to the Abitur? No chance!
Abistreich - not to think about it.
Graduation ceremony; was written in the stars.
Despite all these harsh conditions, you didn't let yourselves be seriously irritated and achieved a good Abitur average of 2.1. 
We wish you all the best for your future career and congratulate you once again on passing your Abitur! Well done!


Again this year we congratulate our high school graduates on the successful completion of their school careers and are happy about an overall average of 2.2. We wish our alumni all the best for the exciting adventures that are now awaiting!


Congratulations to the alumni of the school year 2017/2018. They can be very proud of their grade point average of 1.9 – We are for sure! Phorms Campus Berlin Süd wishes the best of luck for your further educational and personal development.


We congratulate 2016/2017’s alumni on their successfully passed Abitur exams. This is the second time Phorms Campus Berlin Süd sends off a senior class, and we wish our students all the best for their futures, academically and personally. Also, we are very proud of this year’s graduating average of 2.2. 


In the school year 2015/2016 Phorms Campus Berlin Süd says goodbye to its first alumni. Our students have passed their A-levels with an average of 2.1. We are very proud of their achievements and wish them all the best for their future plans be it studying, doing an apprenticeship or spending a year abroad!