Year 9


In Years 9 and 10 Electives are being taught for two to three hours per week.

Our current offer includes Economics, Media Communication and French. Compulsory electives offer students the opportunity to pursue their own interests and to be taught in new learning groups through cross-year classes.

School Work Placement

During the second term of Year 9, all students complete a two-week work placement.


From the teaching team, the Head of School appoints a coordinator for the work placement programme. Usually, this is the German teacher who then takes care of the organisation of the school’s part of the internship programme and takes over the instruction of the students.
Preparation for the work placement begins in the second half of Year 8, usually in May, and includes the preparation of the application letter (covering letter, motivation letter, curriculum vitae) and simulation of job interviews. After completion of this course unit, the completed letters of application will be sent out. It is expected that the signed internship contracts will be submitted by the students in December of the respective year. 


(see Ausführungsvorschriften (AV) über Duales Lernen und praxisbezogene Angebote by Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie)

Work placements must be carried out in all Lower Secondary Schools where indicated in the framework curriculum.

They can take place as a continuous block internship or split in a rhythmic form. The minimum duration is 10 days. 

The maximum length of stay in the internship company is six hours per day, excluding breaks.

The execution of work placement requires that a written agreement (official form Annex 1 of the AV, see above) has been concluded with the internship company. Before the conclusion of the agreement, the information sheet on the internship (official form in Annex 2 of the AV) must be handed over to the internship company. With the conclusion of the internship agreement, the rights and obligations of the internship companies specified in these regulations become binding.

During the internship, the responsible teachers maintain contact with the students and the company internship instructors. They make sure that the tasks of the internship are fulfilled in the required manner. In this context, the place of the internship must be visited at least once and consultation held with the students and the internship instructors. Where necessary, these interviews shall include measures to improve the performance of the placement. 


Students who have completed the internship in February of the respective year report on their activities, experiences and impressions at a fixed date.

A free presentation style with technical support and, where applicable, also original objects is expected. The jury consists of the class teachers, the supervising German teacher and the Head of School.

The plenary is made up of the students in Year 8. 

Parents are cordially invited to this presentation day, as are the internship supervisors.

The entire audience may ask questions to the reporting student.

The lecture time of maximum 10 minutes must not be exceeded.

The submission of the portfolio also takes place on that same day.

The grade for the programme replaces a Klassenarbeit in the second term of Year 9 and consists of the portfolio, the lecture style, the media background and the evaluation of the internship instructors.

The grade-givers in this context are the jury, consisting of the class teacher, the supervising German teacher and the Head of School.