Year 8

National Standardised Tests VERA 8

Year 8 takes part in the national standardised test VERA 8.

This test is carried out throughout Berlin in the subjects German, English and Mathematics and is a worthwhile instrument for teachers, students and parents. VERA 8 provides parents with teacher-independent feedback and shows the current academic status of their children. The students get an idea of their academic status in comparison to their class, their school and the students in the state of Berlin. VERA 8 provides teachers with valuable information to improve the quality of teaching in the long term. 

The VERA 8 tests, which take about 90 minutes each, will take place online and at our campus on the following dates this school year:

Mon., 27.02.2023 German (reading; spelling)

Fri, 03.03.2023 Mathematics (all central ideas)

Fri., 10.03.2023 English (reading and listening comprehension)