Year 7

Learning Assessments (LAL)

The school year in grade 7 begins with a learning assessment (LAL). It is conducted in the subjects German, English and Mathematics and is an effective instrument to get an authentic picture of the learning status of the students. It enables teachers to pick up learners where they are in the learning process. Furthermore, through the survey the strengths of the student body can be determined and expanded and weaknesses addressed. The assessment is always carried out during the first 2-3 weeks of the school year.

TOEFL Junior

The TOEFL testing at the beginning of the 7th grade offers the opportunity to compete in terms of current language skills in English. 
In this way, our students can on the one hand experience pleasure and motivation in the competitive character of this community-building project and on the other hand strive for a recognised language certificate with the designation of the CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).