Year 10

Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (MSA)

At the end of Lower Secondary School, all students sit the exams for the Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (Mittlerer Schulabschluss – MSA).

Testing takes place in the subjects German, English, Mathematics as well as one further subject of choice.

The subjects German, English and Mathematics are centrally examined and take place in writing. In addition, an oral examination in English is conducted in the form of a teacher-student interview, in which the students take part in teams of two.  

The final examination is a presentation in one further subject, chosen independently by the student body. The specialist teachers supervise the students by means of two counselling interviews.

In this school year 2022/23, the three written examinations in German, Mathematics and English to obtain the Mittlerer Schulabschluss (MSA) will not be written as examinations, but repeatedly as written learning success checks with central tasks (LEKzA MSA). 

Wed, 07.12.2022 MSA information evening

Wed., 25.01.2023 Registration for presentation examination

Wed., 15.03.2023 MSA Presentation Examination

Wed., 19.04.2023 LEKzA MSA German

Thurs., 04.05.2023 LEKzA MSA English

Tue., 09.05.2023 LEKzA MSA Mathematics

Profile courses 

In addition to the subject Spanish, in which 10 different course levels are offered from year 10 onwards, this is now also possible in the subjects Mathematics, Geography and Art. 

Likewise, from Year 10 onwards, one of these one-hour subjects can be selected as a profile subject and serves as a preparation for the upper secondary school with two further lessons. As a result the subject of sport is taught with two lessons per week, in alignment with the approaching upper secondary school and the course Sport Practice. The profile courses generally support the skills and abilities of the students and sometimes prepare them for a successful transition to the upper school.