Vocational Training

We want our students to have the best possible start to life after school and have therefore introduced a variety of projects in vocational orientation.

All Year 9 students do a two-week practical training in a company of their choice which provides them with a first insight into the working world, helps them to understand business processes and deepen the knowledge gained at school. It is also intended to help our students find out about their interests and talents and to further confirm their study or career aspirations. During the internship preparation, we also often have parents at our school, giving presentations on their jobs. Additionally, Year 8/9 class trips often include a vocational orientation element like factory tours.

In upper Secondary School, we offer a weekly additional class on ‘Work and Study’. This class informs on study programmes/training professions, trial classes, external consulting services, and information events and aims to concretise career goals aligned with one’s interests and talents. We also feature ‘Meet the Prof’ events where staff from vocational information centres, health insurances or lecturers are invited to our classes and provide the students with the opportunity to speak to experts. 

Visiting ‘Vocatium’, a biyearly education fair, is another firm component of our curriculum. This event aims to inform interested students on their educational possibilities as well as to foster their talents.

Vocational training does also play an important part in lower Secondary School. Starting in Year 7, all students can take part in the yearly Girls’ and Boys’ Day.