School Trips

All classes go on various curriculum related excursions.

Popular destinations for excursions include The New National Gallery, a professional science laboratory, The Jewish Museum, and job fairs. In addition to the annual ski trip and the upper Secondary School trip, each year group goes on a subject-related trip to another European country. It is also possible for students to participate in exchange programmes to Spain or elsewhere during the academic year.

A special highlight for our students in Years 11 and 12 is the annual UNIS UN conference in New York City, organised by students of the United Nations International School (UNIS) and held in the prestigious hall of the UN General Assembly. For one week, our ‘Phorms delegates’ live with host families in New York City and attend, amongst other things, the three-day conference.

NEW: We were pleased to organise our first excursion to Geneva, Switzerland in 2017. Visiting both the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the UN and Red Cross headquarters in the city, this scientific and cultural showcase was offered to a small group of students from our Phorms Berlin schools and ran in tandem to the UNIS New York trip.

Every school year, our Secondary School offers at least one student exchange. Those are either open to all our students and interested pupils can apply via a letter of motivation and an interview or they are offered explicitly to a certain year group. Until today, our students have had the opportunity to take part in student exchanges with Canada, Spain and the Caribbean.