Bilingualism promotes cognitive development in such areas as awareness of language, creativity, and flexible thinking.

Students who have been learning in a bilingual environment for many years perform above average in foreign languages, in their own mother tongue, and in other subjects.

In Secondary School, we continue to build upon the bilingual concept from our nursery and Primary School. The lessons are taught in accordance with the immersion method, meaning that all content is delivered exclusively in either German or English. Our Secondary School students have no difficulty in following specialised classes taught in English and are also able to discuss, write, and give presentations in English.

Teachers teach at a native speaker level (C2 level). About half of the subjects – a higher portion than in the Primary School – are taught in German. The students now learn to express themselves better in both languages: verbally and in writing.

Spanish as second foreign language is introduced in Year 7. Additionally, French can be selected as an elective starting in Year 9.