Timetable for Upper Secondary School

In upper Secondary School (Years 11 and 12), courses are grouped into the three main fields Languages, Literature, and the Arts; Social Studies; and Mathematics/Natural and Technical Sciences.

The subjects on offer always depend on current demands. As a bilingual school, it is mandatory for our students to take English at an advanced level (Leistungskurs). Since the school year 2018/2019, we have been offering a choice of three advanced courses in the upper secondary as an additional means of promoting gifted students and sharpening their profile.

The timetable for the upper Secondary School consists of 8 basic courses which are each taught 3 lessons per week as well as 2 advanced courses which are each taught 5 lessons per week. That adds up to a total of 34 class hours per week.

Further information on upper Secondary School can be found in the booklet Wegweiser für die gymnasiale Oberstufe which you will find here.