STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Starting in Year 5, our Primary School students gain their first knowledge of the natural sciences. Four hours a week in the school's own laboratory and in the English language of instruction, they acquire knowledge in areas such as the body and health, the sun as a source of energy, or plants, animals and habitats. 

Every school year a 'Science Fair' takes place. Here, all students in Years 5 and 6 choose a science project on which they will work for several weeks in a research- and practice-oriented manner. After completion of the projects, the students present their work results in front of a panel of judges and all projects are evaluated. The winners will also receive a prize. The projects will also be presented to parents and all other students afterwards.

Mathematics is taught as a main subject with five lessons per week from Year 1-6. The PR1ME Mathematics program is used in all years. With this program all basic mathematical rules are first presented practically and then abstractly. Our teachers always find different ways to connect mathematics with the current life world of the student body and to show the importance of the subject also through interdisciplinary teaching.
In the upper years, PR1ME is supplemented by online programs such as Khan Academy and XtraMath. Particularly in Years 5 and 6, the framework curricula for mathematics and science are adapted so that the students already know the relevant mathematical formulas in order to be able to calculate the consumption of energy in science, for example.

The Känguru mathematics competition and the Math Olympiad also provide an opportunity for our students to deepen their mathematical interests and skills. 

The use of digital devices is staggered across the years. In the lower Years, the main subjects of English, Maths and German are appropriately supported by media use and the children receive a weekly introduction to the use of laptops and PCs. Starting in Year 3, students begin to work with laptops on their own. They learn how to use the Internet as a source of information and how to create and save digital documents.
In Year 4, all children get Microsoft 365 access and explicitly learn how to use it in the application. They work with MS Teams both in and out of school. Homework is distributed through the medium and all important learning information is shared with students there.

In addition, Electronics is taught as part of the curriculum framework in Years 4 and 6 and Coding is offered as an elective. In addition, Video Editing is also taught in the upper years.