Satisfaction with Phorms | Phorms Berlin Süd

    All parents of children enrolled in our school are given the opportunity to participate in our online parent survey which runs for two weeks every year.

    The questions cover different areas of the primary school such as the atmosphere, the educational content and the afternoon programme.

    94% of our parents are very satisfied with the bilingual approach to learning a new language.

    91% of our parents confirm: “My child enjoys being at this school.”

    93% of our parents agree with the variety of educational content.

    A majority of our Primary School student’s parents particulary value the bilingual approach with regards to learning a new language. Our staff uses the immersion method to teach English, thus concretely linking the language to the senses. At the same time the students learn from our native, English-speaking teaching staff. Therefore, the children experience English as part of their daily lives.

    Besides, our parents positively acknowledge the whole-day community at the Primary School. This is important to us because we define our school both as a place for learning and for living. As a consequence, parents confirm that their child enjoys being at this school.

    Additionally, the parents strongly agree with the variety of educational content. We aim to provide a wide range of knowledge through diverse tuition.

    Here you can download the latest results of the parent survey from March 2016:

    Results Parent Survey Primary 2016