Bilingual Education

Learning languages is a living process.

For this reason, German and English enjoy equal status at Phorms schools both as working languages in the classroom and for everyday communication around the school. This enables our students to use both languages in a completely natural way whilst also developing an understanding for other lifestyles and value systems.

Two Languages For Double Competency: Teaching In German And English

German and English speaking teaching staff take care of the children from nursery school onwards. Most of the teaching at primary school takes place in English. This enables the students to develop their language skills within the specific situations in which they find themselves. At secondary school, German and English are used more or less equally as teaching media. This allows the students to acquire the relevant specialist vocabulary in both languages.

Making Sense: Teaching According To The Immersion Method

Our staff teach English using the immersion method. This involves using all the children’s senses to enable them to access the language. Our English speaking teachers also deploy facial mimicry, gestures, pictures and symbols to back up the spoken word. This means that the students learn English more quickly, more easily and more intensively.

Living Their Language: Native Speaker Teachers

Being bilingual involves more than simply speaking two languages. It also means an ability to think and feel in both tongues. The students learn how to do this from our native speaker teaching staff. They experience English as part of their own lives during class, on the school playground, at lunch, at festivals and celebrations and on excursions.

Two Languages Are Only The Beginning: Further Languages

Depending on location, we also offer Spanish, French and Latin as further languages. We try to secure the services of native speakers to teach French and Spanish.