Phorms Concept

We teach children and young people to understand the world in all its cultural and linguistic diversity, local characteristics and global contexts.

We allow each child to be different. We foster individual talents and interests to enable our students to remain self-confident and inquisitive.

We are a community. We learn together and show one another respect and do so within a whole-day school environment.

For A Better Understanding Of The World: Bilingual Education

Phorms Concept

Learning languages is a living process. For this reason, German and English enjoy equal status at Phorms schools both as working languages in the classroom and for everyday communication around the school. This enables our students to use both languages in a completely natural way whilst also developing an understanding for other lifestyles and value systems.

The students learn how to do this from our native speaker teaching staff. They experience English as part of their own lives during class, on the school playground, at lunch, at festivals and celebrations and on excursions.


No Two Children Are The Same: Differentiated Learning

No Two Children Are The Same: Differentiated Learning

Each child is an individual. Our teachers keep a close eye on every single student so that they can offer the best possible support. The additional time we gain from our all-day care is used to work more intensively with the children and in a more target-oriented manner than would usually be the case.

Our students learn more effectively in terms of trusting their own skills and abilities and developing respect for the strengths and weaknesses of others.

Support staff regularly work with small groups of students who are achieving learning outcomes either much more quickly or much more slowly than the rest of the class. This technique is particularly used in the primary school. Our aim is to provide an optimum standard of care by keeping class size low. At the moment, our class maximum for Primary School is 22 students per class, at Secondary School 24 students per class.

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Motivation Is Infectious: Enthusing Teachers

Only by displaying motivation oneself is it possible to inspire others. Our teaching staff bring the necessary enthusiasm to the fore and come from all parts of the world. They enjoy working as part of a team, are open to innovation and adopt a child-centric and parent-oriented approach. The commitment they show ensures that our students enjoy attending school.

We take great care in the way we select our teachers and nursery school educators and place a high value on good subject knowledge and a high degree of pedagogical skill. Our teachers are familiar with the latest educational methods and base their teaching on German and international standards.

Regular quality checks and teaching observations improve the didactic and methodological expertise of our teaching staff on an ongoing basis. We also provide training in the form of national and international training courses and conferences.

Place To Learn Rather Than A Teaching Institution: All-Day Community

Phorms schools are open all day. Arrangements are in place to enable our students to learn together – during teaching, at mealtimes and during the afternoon programme. Our students, parents and teachers enjoy the living environment we provide. Our students learn to live within the school community, to share, to assert their interests and to prove themselves.

Our qualified teaching staff are also able to provide whole-day care during the holidays. Children take part in a whole range of exciting and challenging projects which provide them with an opportunity to make music, go on excursions, do handicrafts or learn about new sports.

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Future Is Built On Heritage: Local Roots

The education we provide is always based on the federal state curricula. The highest qualification we offer is the German Abitur. We supplement our curriculum with internationally recognised teaching programmes. Our primary schools use the Cambridge International Primary Programme.

Additionally to the German Abitur, we provide a prestigious diploma that facilitates direct admission to international universities.

At our locations, we cooperate with social institutions and associations, companies, local government authorities and universities. With our local network we want to present our idea of education to the outside world whilst also offering our students a greater understanding of their environment.

Discovering New Horizons: Embracing Diversity

Our students embrace the diversity our community offers. This includes the mix of different cultural, religious and social backgrounds. This very much leaves its mark. Phorms students respect the views of their fellow human beings and are able to deal with the attitudes of others in a constructive way.

The solidarity principle on which we operate is based on income-related fees in order to offer access to Phorms schools to children from different income groups.

Our school uniform creates a learning and social environment in which the main focus is on the community. This means that the children are able to develop independently of social origins and fashion trends.