Communal eating is an important part of our school philosophy. That is why we take one hour for lunch break every day.

It remains organic.
It remains delicious.
It will be leckerlogisch (deliciously logical).
For us, the new level starts in July 2024.

It will be even tastier, more varied and above all more fun. We are leckerlogisch (deliciously logical) with all our heart.
Because what we do makes perfect sense to us: organic, sustainable and healthy - it's all perfectly normal and no longer anything special, but more than contemporary. But do our children understand?
Who, how, what, why? It is well known that children want to know everything. And if they understand good food right from the start, we give them something valuable for their development and a healthy future. How do we do that? It's quite simple.
The children are our stars. Giving children an appreciation and knowledge of food, taking them on a journey into the kitchen or into the vegetable patch right from the start, results in a completely different acceptance of food. We look at what the children are interested in so that we can take them on the leckerlogisch. - Journey with them. Knowing what's in it. Understanding why we cook, how we cook. - We need to build a bridge between daycare, school and home, because "I don't know, I don't eat" never goes out of fashion.

You don't play with food? Why not actually? We tell you what's in it and where it comes from.
We show you how to eat deliciously, logically and simply.
We look forward to the new variety with leckerlogisch (deliciously logical). and the journey together with you. Let us surprise you with what we have prepared for our children.