Focus | Phorms Berlin Süd

    Basing classroom activities on the Berlin Educational Programme, we promote the individual development of the youngest children from the outset.

    We also welcome children with higher integration needs. Specially trained educators offer the best possible support. Our groups are mixed-age, except for the reception (preschool). In the year prior to primary school enrollment the children are transferred to age-homogeneous groups. In the reception class, children can gradually get used to everyday life at school. Each group is looked after by trained childcare specialists. Additionally, they are being supported by educators whose native language is English. This enables the children to learn both languages within a natural environment.

    Spacious rooms and a modern sports area offer plenty of opportunities for movement and creative development in Music and Art. We also undertake project work on a daily basis. Most projects extend over several weeks, enabling us to explore a topic from a wide range of perspectives. We paint, do handicrafts work, read, conduct experiments and undertake excursions. Regular trips to explore nature and the local area encourage children to make their own discoveries and to learn by having fun.