Satisfaction with Phorms | Phorms Berlin Süd

    All parents of children enrolled in our nursery are given the opportunity to participate in our online parent survey which runs for two weeks every year.

    The questions cover different areas of the nursery and reception such as the atmosphere, the activities and the educators.

    92% of our parents confirm: “My child enjoys being at the nursery (reception).”

    80% of our parents are satisfied with the nursery and rate our nursery as excellent or good.

    A majority of parents confirm that their child enjoys being at the nursery. They value both the bilingual approach and the commitment of the educators. Additionally, it is easy for parents to get in touch with the educators dedicated to their child’s daily life at Phorms. This is important to us because we strive to provide an optimum standard of care by cautiously selecting our educators.

    Therefore, the parents rate our nursery at Berlin Süd as excellent or good.

    Here you can download the latest results of the parent survey from March 2016:

    Result Parent Survey Nursery 2016