Satisfaction with Phorms | Phorms Berlin Süd

    Each year we give parents of Phorms students the opportunity to take part in an online parent survey over the course of two weeks, which poses questions about various aspects of life at nursery and reception, such as the atmosphere, facilities, and afternoon and holiday care.

    84% of our Phorms parents agree that: ‘My child enjoys going to nursery.’

    90% of our Phorms parents agree that it is easy for them to contact and speak to their child’s teachers.

    We are delighted that Phorms parents can confirm that their children are happy at nursery and enjoy coming. We consider it essential that our nurseries offer not just daily education, but also a stimulating environment for the little ones.

    Parents also praise the good contact they have with the teachers in charge, who are professional and enthusiastic about guiding their children through the day. This is extremely important to us; our teachers are carefully selected, and we value a high level of professional and educational skill.