Local Roots

The education we provide is closely tied in with the world of a child’s experience.

We explore the immediate surroundings with the children and young people at our schools and provide them with an understanding and genuine sense of their local environment whilst also offering a broader perspective which extends beyond national boundaries. All of this means that our students are able to learn to feel at home in the globalised world without losing sight of their roots.

Established Foundation: Federal State Curricula

The education we provide is always based on the federal state curricula. This means that students may transfer from or to the state system at any time. The highest qualification we offer is the Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

Global Perspective: International Orientation

We supplement our curriculum with internationally recognised teaching programmes. Our primary schools use the Cambridge International Primary Programme. Additionally to the German Abitur, we want to offer an international diploma at all Secondary Schools which enables admission to international universities.

Regional Commitment: Local Partnerships

At our locations, we cooperate with social institutions and associations, companies, local government authorities and universities. With our local network we want to present our idea of education to the outside world whilst also offering our students a greater under-standing of their environment.