Daily Life & Education

At PhorMinis, we offer a bilingual living and learning environment to the youngest members of our campus.

Phorms Campus Berlin Süd’s nursery is home to 5 different age groups as well as 3 reception classes.  In age-homogenous groups and in line with the Berlin State framework curriculum, we support each child in their personal development from day one. Children with special educational or integration needs are welcome on our campus and receive extra support through our specially trained educators.

The year before school enrolment, the children attend our age-homogenous reception groups to get accustomed to the school environment. Our teams are supported by English native speakers which allows the children to learn both, English and German, in a natural and playful way.    

Generous group rooms and a newly built playground provide lots of space for physical activity, and creative development of music and art. Weekly projects that we work on daily, enable us to look at interesting topics from different angles: we draw and craft, read or do experiments. During our numerous trips into nature, the children can make their own discoveries and learn new things in a playful way.

If you would like to learn more about our projects at PhorMinis, please visit our blog.