Soft Skills Presentation - A greeting from Year 7a

    12.10.2018 | Campus Berlin Süd

    At the Soft Skills Assembly, Tuesday 9 October, we presented on the skill of “Morality.” We did our absolutely best and hope everyone liked it! At the end, everyone clapped and looked happy. Morality is about making the right decisions and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. It’s about how we can make this school and world a better place. We chose to do our assembly as a talk-show because we wanted to get the audience’s attention, and make it all about choosing the right decisions in our everyday lives. During the process of making our assembly, we were able to spend more time with our classmates, working together and getting to know them better, especially since this year we are a new mix of students together. We achieved our goal by letting people in the audience learn about some of the life lessons we showed. It seems that the presentation was liked by the school. We want to thank everyone for watching and listening and for their support! - Students of 7a and Ms. Ratko