Social Day Year 9b

    11.12.2018 | Campus Berlin Süd

    Our Social Day started in Wannsee, where we all met to take the ferry to Kladow. After a short ferry trip, we took a nice walk for getting to the “Unkenpfuhl”, a protected area, where Herr Bayer, the person in charge of this area, was waiting for us.
    He explained to us the job his team and he were doing there: they are rebuilding this protected area that was abandoned for many years, in order to make a reserved area for animals. In the summer, different animals live there, like water buffalos, goats or deers.
    He also explained to us the duty for the day. Some of us were collecting trash (you can’t imagine how many trash was left there over the years) to make sure animals don’t eat it. The other group was in charge of chopping trees, to guarantee that the animals find a safe and clear path to the water.
    We had an amazing time together and I hope we can go back in summer to see how animals live there and to see the impact of our work.