Our Campus

Dear families and students,

Our Phorms Campus in Berlin-Zehlendorf is housed in a listed building in the nice and green south- western area of Berlin. Our bilingual private school offers a bilingual community in German and English for children and young people from child care centre to primary and secondary school

Our children, teachers and parents all very much enjoy the family atmosphere we have created. We seek to maintain an environment which is cosmopolitan, warm and welcoming.


The children learn the two languages in a bilingual environment according to the immersion method. Each pedagogue speaks exclusively in his or her native language of either English or German, reinforcing the dual language setting. This enables the children to learn both languages within a natural context though conversations and interactions with teachers, in classroom lessons, in colaboration with their peers, at meals and through songs, stories and games. Our daily routine reinforces language use acquisition.


We believe that it is important for children to be able to develop topics themselves and present their ideas bilingually. The main focus is on the joy of learning. For this reason, we also place importance on to access of music and the performing arts. Our artistic programme also extends beyond the classroom. Students can choose to sing in the afternoon choir, learn to play musical instruments or enjoy drama. The children share their work and talents on a regular basis, either within the classroom, during the weekly assembly or during events with parents.


Our private school places a particular emphasis on meeting needs of diverse learners. Our school also supports children with different capabilities in academics and behavior, monotoring individual growth and looking at varied strategies and learning styles to better assist the child in reaching their potential.

We are proud to be able to offer our students a wide range of interesting activities to reveal and develop their interest and talents at an early stage. 

This range of activities has an additional benefit. All courses take place within the safe environment of the school, meaning that both students and parents do not need to undertake extended journeys at the end of the school day. This is invaluable in a city such as Berlin.