Beiträge und Photos von Pädagogen und Schülern
  • Y11 Vocatium

    On Wednesday, 21st September 2022, our Year 11.1 and 11.2 students took part in the annual carriers and future prospects fair here in Berlin. Students... Weiterlesen

  • How to: "Number 6"

    Today we worked on developing our understanding of the number 6. We sang our number of the day song then explored the story of number 6.We then... Weiterlesen

  • Children rights in 2W

    In year 2, we have been looking at children's rights, especially our right to an identity. We read a book called Suki's Kimono by Chieri Uegaki. Then... Weiterlesen

  • 5. Klasse Pointillismus trifft Pop Art

    Während impressionistische Künstler wie Vincent van Gogh und Claude Monet oft winzige Farbkleckse und -striche als Teil ihrer Technik einsetzten,... Weiterlesen

  • Learning about plant and animal cells

    The Grade 6 students are learning how to identify plant and animal cells using a microscope. This involves using the microscope to find patterns in... Weiterlesen

  • Novel studies in Yr. 6

    In Grade 6 English,  we are continuing on with our novel study ( Wonder, by R.J Palacio). This week we have a reading comprehension focus and are... Weiterlesen

  • Y12 Class Trip: London

    Our Year 12 class had their first full class trip in over 3 years, in what will be a weekend to remember. With the passing of the Queen, the students... Weiterlesen

  • The famous Flower Display

    A decorative highlight at the last start of school ceremony, involving the whole school. - ADI Weiterlesen

  • Year 4 flowers

    The whole school was very busy helping set up the flower display to start of school celebration. You can find here some examples from Year 4. ADI Weiterlesen

  • White Flowers

    As part of our Einschulung celebrations, Year 6, along with the rest of the school made paper flowers, which were then used to form a flower photo... Weiterlesen