Y11 Music Seminar

Last Monday, the Year 11 music students were fortunate enough to have some music industry guests come in to talk to them. Our guests included a music manager, and two emerging artists: nullsechsroy and Yin.
They spoke to us about different roles in the music industry, including management, publishing, music production, video production, booking, and the label. They also gave us some insight into indie record labels, and how the experience for artists may differ and have more creative freedom when compared with the big four labels (Sony, BMG, Universal, Warner).
The artists also shared some of their songs and music videos with us. We loved being able to see how passionate and proud they were of their work and hear some behind-the-scenes stories about their creation and decision-making.
This visit coincides with the Years 11s unit for Q2: Music in a social context. As well as learning about music as a professional field, we have also been learning about representation and diversity in the music industry. Hearing the manager and artists talk about racism and sexism in the industry historically, as well as sharing their own experiences was really valuable for our future discussions in music and our perspective in general. 
(Text by KF)