Model United Nations: Rostock

Last week, ten of our most politically-engaged students embarked on a journey to Rostock for the Baltic Model United Nations (BALMUN) Conference. This prestigious event brought together young minds from around the globe (some from as far away as the USA), creating a vibrant platform for debate and diplomacy. Our students faced a series of significant challenges that tested their skills, resilience, and teamwork.
Each student had to thoroughly research their assigned countries and issues, striving to understand complex political landscapes and global policies; they navigated the intricacies of parliamentary procedure, honed their public speaking abilities, and learned to think on their feet.
Our students collaborated with delegates from various schools, drafting proposals and resolutions that addressed pressing international issues. This process demanded not only a deep understanding of the topics but also the ability to negotiate and compromise.
One lucky student was invited to make an opening speech on behalf of our school in front of up to 400 guests. Despite initial nerves, he stood confidently, articulating his position with clarity and passion.
Many congratulations go to the students involved, of whom we are naturally very proud.

(text by DM)